Apple Genius Bar Experience

Apple is a multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells computer software, online services and consumer electronics – such as the iphone 6s. Recently when visiting an Apple store i experienced one of the best retail experiences i have had.

One of Apples latest products the iphone 6s (

A few months ago i unfortunately dropped my precious Apple iphone 6 and although the screen did not crack the all important Wifi button mysteriously ‘greyed out’ – preventing me from being able to use Wifi, resulting in a hefty data bill from my provider. As this was an essential feature of my phone i wanted to get this fixed as soon as possible. I first tried to get help online through the apple tech support, but after no luck i made an appointment to visit the Apple genius bar at Miranda Westfield.

An Apple Genius bar (

On the day of the appointment i walked into the store fairly annoyed with apple that this issue had occurred and that i was going to have to pay for it to be fixed. I arrived 10 minutes early and even though Apple are a generally very busy store i was served immediately by a polite and welcoming Apple employee a.k.a an Apple Genius. Upon showing the Genius my issue, my phone was examined and tested, and they were able to see that there was a fault which was covered in warranty. To my surprise rather then sending my phone away to be repaired i was offered a brand new replacement phone on the spot and two years warranty for free.

The outcome and service was above and beyond my expectations – knowing apple is a busy store i expected to have to wait a long time to be served and also pay a large amount of money to get my phone repaired. I walked into the store fairly annoyed with apple but walked away from a great experience not only with a brand new product, but with confidence in the company’s ability to provide a great customer experience not just with their products, but face-to-face in store as well.